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Who Is Janine?

Who Is Janine Daniels?

Certified Meta Coach Janine DanielsJanine is a Leadership and Executive coach whose expertise lies in integrating brain, behaviour and personal development through the application of neuroscience research and a cognitive-behavioural approach. She works with leaders and their organisations to facilitate peak performance and organisational cultures where people thrive.

Her 20+ year career spans talent development, facilitation, strategic planning and key account management. She is passionate about leadership development and has worked globally to develop authentic, empowering leaders. Janine is results oriented and has a strong commercial sense, ensuring that the coaching and facilitation work she does is coupled with peak business performance.

Janine has worked with over 300 clients across Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe and has a wealth of experience in cultural diversity. Her clients are typically senior executives in private and public sectors, ranging from financial services and banking to communication, consumer goods, construction, pharmaceutical and health care.

Janine has a special interest working with and helping to facilitate women leaders’ journeys and enjoys working with executives who are committed to their personal growth and development. She is renowned for her warmth and rigor, her focus and passion. Above all, Janine is known to develop leaders with heart.

Janine has an MSc Prof. Practice (Psychoneuroimmunology) from Middlesex University, London and is an internationally accredited coach. She is a member of ta number of professional bodies including the NeuroLeadership Institute, the International Coach Foundation and UN Women. She has served on the ICF Singapore Exco and as Regional Director for the Meta-Coach Foundation. She is accredited in a number of assessment tools including The Leadership Circle and LSI 360.

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