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As a coach I am privileged to understand the power of thinking patterns and how they influence the way we process information.

The one most people are familiar with is the optimist/pessimist pattern. Used with reference to the half full / half empty glass, the content within the glass is exactly the same, but a person’s perception will differ depending on which thinking pattern they prefer. The same is true for whether we foreground those things we do well, and what is right with us, or whether we prefer to foreground what we do wrong, or what is not right in our world. We don’t change and neither does the world around us, but the way we look at it changes. It’s literally that simple.

 And what’s amazing is that we can change these thinking patterns. Once you become aware of some of your thinking patterns, you have the choice about what to do with them. I’ve mentioned three of these patterns so far – in Meta-Coaching we track 61 of them in our coaching conversations.

Here’s another one for you to try on … Where is your locus of control? Is it internal – are you the authority about what’s right for you? Or is it external – do you ask everyone around you what you should be doing, thinking, believing ?? Consider for a moment how someone else would actually know what’s right for you. Have they lived your life? Learnt your lessons? Do they know your story ? Of course not. They know what’s right for them, but how does that empower you ?

I’ve recently completed an incredible research project linking thinking patterns to specific disease. And it’s amazing how strong the correlations are. More about the findings some other time ….

All I ask you to do today is think about the way you think. Can you see the shades of gray, or are things black and white – right or wrong? Can you make choices from opportunity, or do you make them from necessity. Are you able to be, and thus do – or do you need to do so that you can be ?

Think about your lenses, and maybe try on some new ones. And watch in amazement as your world changes. Mail me if you want to know more. I’ll share this info with pleasure – and of course will write more in due course about how your thinking affects your health.

To the life you can create !!

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  1. Nicole Kretzschmar says:

    Wow – you put this across so clearly and its what I’ve been thinking about this past week: how do I ‘live’ my spiritual convictions every day? I get very irritated at problems/staff/people – when I should be able to let go and remember that ‘my’ state is harmonious/centered/flexible. I would imagine mastering this would develope compassion in the personality – but yauzer I’m having a hard time this past week 😉 I’m very interested in the patterns linked to disease and would love to hear more about it. Fascinating stuff and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge xx

  2. Yvette says:

    Jay, perfect questions and thoughts for this Monday morning. Am doing alot of reading on the way we view the world and disease and am absolutely loving a book called Being Human by Ramesh Ramkumar (South African dude)which is all about that. Thank you.

  3. You are so welcome Nicole, and thank you for sharing. Don’t know if it helps, but maybe try out the lens of choice. You choose how to respond / be in any given situation – you know that old saying “We cannot control what happens in our world, but we can control what response we choose”.

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