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At this time of year, when you are plotting your course, and determining what your specific, measurable objectives are, be aware of what it is that you focus on.

Some of you may have heard that our brain ‘does not do negatives’. Whilst that statement is factually incorrect, it gives us a clue as to how our brain does work. What it does, is it focuses where we point it. So, as you set your Organisational and Personal Objectives, be aware of where you are pointing your brain.

 Because it is the time of year that many companies refine their business plans, I have facilitated a number of strategy sessions over the last couple of weeks. These sessions are no different to facilitating or coaching an individual to set their goals. It’s all about focussing on what you want – not what you don’t want.

 Aiming to reduce staff absenteeism by 15% is still focussing on absenteeism i.e. what you don’t want. Setting a goal of not being ill shines the spotlight on your illness. It’s like asking you not to think of a green giraffe. Where does your attention go? To the green giraffe of course. Our brain goes in the direction that we point it.

 So point your brain in a positive direction. Focus on those things that you DO want, not what you don’t want. When you know where you want to go your attention will take you there. 


For all of you who would like to ‘direction-alise’ your brains for optimal success, I am holding my annual Vision Workshop on the 19th February. It’s a half day workshop (from 08h00 – 13h00), including breakfast and you’ll walk away with specific, measurable goals, an action plan to achieve them and a beautiful Vision Board to remind you of where you are going.

 This workshop is also available as a Corporate Initiative, simply contact me to discuss your needs and I’ll tailor it specifically for you.

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  1. Thanks Janine, this is very useful.Never ceases to fascinate me how powerful closing the KNOWING DOING gap can be.

  2. True. Human brain is powerful. We have to re-wire our brain to positive thoughts of what we want to achieve. Setting clear vision so that we refocus our energy on what we prioritize and value the most. I believe, we can achieve what we want more easily and effortlessly when our brain is focused toward our goals.

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