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Over the past week, I have encountered two personal situations where I have been reminded of the power of choice.

The first situation is one that involves a family crisis, and for a long time I felt as if my back was against the wall, as if I had no choice, but was forced to take action that conflicted with my values. All this resulted in me feeling considerable anger, hurt and disappointment.

Having worked through the situation with my coach (yes, of courses coaches get coached …), I was reminded that we always have a choice. On reflection, I was taken back to a lesson from my early metaphysical studies. One of my teachers pointed out that choice usually involves choosing between 2 things, normally what we don’t want and what we do want. But if we can extend that to three or more choices what we have are options. And options free us because as we free up our restricted thinking, we realise that we can always find a way that works for us. It’s called doing ‘a somersault of thought’ and it liberates us from necessity thinking.

The second situation involved a coaching session where a Client mirrored a highly painful situation I had found myself in previously (you’d be surprised how often this happens to Coaches), and I was able to gently facilitate a process which opened up different options for this Client. By the end of the session he felt empowered by the options he set forward and was able to take accountability for the decision he made, knowing that whilst there were other decisions he could have made, what he chose was right not only for him, but also for the greater good.

Feeling like there is no choice, or that things or either right or wrong is a thinking pattern that we call ‘either / or’ thinking. It’s either ‘this’ or ‘that’. When we move away from that restrictive thinking into what we call multidimensionality thinking we open up a world of possibilities that allows us to see opportunity and become solution focussed without losing our integrity.

As a country, we recently celebrated Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday. He is one of the true great leaders who embodies this thinking. There is always another way.  So, just for today, start practising your power of choice. Know that we are not ‘forced’ to do something against our will, and that when we exercise our right to choose, we become empowered and can create the world we want. That we never have to be victims !

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  1. Amazing Janine. Thank you for this. So often we feel trapped by only having 2 options in a “bad” situation (either what we’re expected to do or what we’re expected to do!) and I love the thought of consciously searching for more….

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