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Leading Ladies



LEADING LADIES is a specialist division within LEAD, aimed at supporting, facilitating and growing female leaders. It is the result not only of academic research, but also of our observations and insights having coached and trained senior male and female leaders over the years.

Women have for too long been left on their own, left to wonder ‘if they’re doing it right’, feeling the need to prove themselves, looking desperately for someone to support them and bumping up against challenges that their male counterparts don’t face. If this sounds familiar, we can help.

We address the critical internal resources necessary for success as well as the internal and external obstacles that sabotage success. We offer both individual and corporate programmes, including a specific Leadership Development Programme for High Potential and Senior Executives that incorporates both workshops and executive coaching.

We welcome discussions with organisations who are committed to gender diversity programmes and will work with you to design a relevant and structured programme in order to harness the untapped potential of half our workforce.