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Leading Others



(With thanks to Marshall Goldsmith for summing it up so eloquently.)

Amongst the skills and competencies required for leadership, none is so critical as the ability to create and maintain relationships. In fact, thanks to research conducted by The Ken Blanchard Group of Companies (2004) as well as Zenger and Folkman (2002) we know that business performance is linked to leadership effectiveness – and that the top 3 skills that let leaders down are communication skills, effective people management skills and the development of empathy and EQ – all relational skills.

What skills do you need to take your leadership to the next level? Do you need to build gravitas; can you stand up to consensus opinion? Are you authentic? How good are your influencing skills? Can you mobilise your people? How good are you at empowering and developing those around you so that you can take advantage of the opportunities around you? Do you make the impossible, possible?

We offer a comprehensive Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programme for individuals, teams and groups and welcome discussions around creating customised programmes.