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You know that thing you want do ? That habit you’d like to change ? That goal you’d like to achieve ?

 They all start off the same way. You take the first step. And then you take the next step, and so on.

 So where do you get stuck ? On the first step, the second, the fifth, the twentieth ?

It may be that the steps along the path seem trivial, or they may be difficult or frustrating. Rather than focus on the hardship, it might be worthwhile to step back and look at your motivation for achieving your goal. Ask yourself what it means to you to achieve x. And when you know what it means, ask yourself why that is important to you. When you know why it is important to you, then ask yourself what is valuable about that. What does that value open for you? What becomes possible ? And what does that mean to you ?

 When you understand these higher levels of meaning, and become aware just how valuable, important and meaningful your goal is, then apply those meanings to that one step you need help with.

 I recently coached someone who wanted to compete in this year’s Iron Man. He is not a competitive athlete and had up until recently, not done any serious training. When we started uncovering his meaning it was clear that finishing the Iron Man wasn’t about the race, but that it was a metaphor for his life.

 His life up until now, had been a story around lack of preparation and completion. About getting flustered and panicked.  Today, this man is an Iron Man. He competed and finished strong – laughing at the finish line as he realised that anything is possible if you just do it step by step. His self belief has grown enormously and he now has the confidence to know that things aren’t bigger than him. He is able to do more than he ever thought – all it requires is motivation and meaning and the discipline to follow each step.

 He is proof that we are all capable of achieving our biggest goals. Know what it means to you. And use that to keep taking the next step ….


 For ease of reference, I have outlined the pattern below so that you can follow it step by step …..

I want to do (start/stop/achieve/be) __a__

What does it mean to you to achieve a ? __b___

What is important to you about b  ? __c__

How is having c of value to you ?__d__

What does having d open for you ? __e__

When you have e what becomes possible ? __f__

And what does that mean to you ? __g__


When you are aware of your highest meaning, notice how the difficult becomes possible

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