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Over the last 6 months, I’ve facilitated a large number of group coaching sessions which have allowed me to see a common thinking pattern resulting in an insight, which whilst simple, is one that lies at the heart of coaching and self actualisation.

Group coaching, as opposed to individual coaching is when a number of individuals are coached together. It is a cost- and time effective option for companies who want to offer coaching to a large number of employees, but the company does not have the luxury of offering individual coaching programmes to everyone. It differs from team coaching in that the object of group coaching is not to develop a common sense of purpose amongst the group members (although this does happen naturally), and often combines members of different business units / departments to create a safe space for honesty and growth knowing that one’s colleagues will not be party to the information that is shared.

The coaching process is also slightly different in that coaching happens at both an individual level (as each member gets coached on their own, whilst in the group) and at a group level. I find it fascinating to track how each individual whilst working on their own challenge, helps to inform an overall pattern or challenge that the group faces.

Last week I coached 3 groups from the same company, and have been intrigued by what was presented. The majority of the individuals are working on increasing their motivation and organisation, and underpinning all of the detail around procrastination and not being organised, was a sense of not believing in themselves 100%. As a result, being disorganised, not planning and procrastinating was the tool they used to sabotage their success.

This pattern is mirrored by my Clients who come for individual coaching. It is my experience that when their sense of self worth or belief is not solid, they will find reasons ‘not’ to do something eg. being disorganised means ‘there’s no time’ to exercise/study/plan/have family time etc.

Recognise any of this in yourself or those whom you lead ? All of this is underpinned by our meaning of self – which translates into how we perform. Answer the following questions honestly, and your answers may be the tool which unlocks your genius and your fullest potential.

–        Who are you?

–        How do you feel about yourself – are you ok, average, nothing special, disappointing or magnificent ?

–        On a scale of 1 – 10, how awesome are you ?

–        How different would your life be if you could rate yourself as a 10?

And it’s that simple – what separates ‘those who do’ from ‘those who don’t’ is a solid belief in themselves. We don’t have to prove anything to be magnificent. We just are. Our humanity and our being here is awesome and miraculous. We are full of potential – now how would your life change if you started believing that ? And how differently would your employees perform if you believed in them ?

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