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“I know how to walk with growth that can be painful, confusing and liberating”.

LEAD emerged from an exploration of what occurs when leaders focus on their personal development instead of solely concentrating on outcome-based leadership capabilities. Our approach is firmly anchored in evidence-based contemporary leadership theory, including adult development theory, neuroscience, and self-mastery.

Our focus lies in tackling the challenges confronted by leaders in swiftly changing and complex operating environments. These environments demand courage, resilience, and an acute awareness of the systems in which leaders operate. We are dedicated to assisting leaders in bridging the gap between their current thinking and the demands of their environment.

At LEAD we focus on developing highly effective leaders who can thrive in swiftly changing and complex operating environments. These environments demand courage, resilience, flexibility and deep people skills to navigate successfully. 

About Janine

Leadership courses

Janine has worked in Leadership Development and as an Executive Coach for over 25 years across Australia, Asia, the UK, Europe and Africa.  


She works 1:1 with CEOs, Executive Teams, family-owned businesses and Boards to understand how we make sense of the world and how that serves or limits us. She works in partnership with her clients to broaden their perspective so they can see more of the systems in which they operate and develop cognitive flexibility to successfully navigate complex environments. 


Janine integrates psychology, neuroscience, leadership theory, executive coaching, vertical development theory, adaptive leadership and the ancient wisdom traditions in her practice. Janine holds an MSc in Psychoneuroimmunology as well as numerous qualifications in coaching, human behaviour and psychology. She is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile & Human Synergistics LSI, Hogan 360, Immunity to Change, Structural Dynamics (David Kantor), and a range of CCL instruments.


She has studied adult development extensively and is certified in the Global Leadership Profile (studied under Elaine Herdman-Barker and Bill Torbert), Immunity to change (Lisa Lahey & Bob Kegan) and Vertical Mindset Indicator (Nick Petrie & Jan Rybeck). 


Janine has worked globally across finance, telecoms, health, FMCG, pharma, professional services, education, transport, construction and infrastructure across a range of clients in private, public and not for profit sectors. In addition, Janine has been fortunate to work with the Centre for Creative Leadership and INSEAD out of Singapore.


She is known for balancing incisive questioning and rigour with warmth and support and is most comfortable holding complex, difficult spaces in which people can grow, stretch and develop. 


Janine is a Member of the Australian institute of Company Directors (AICD), The International Coach Federation (ICF), Association for Coaching (AC), Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School 

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