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Executive Coaching


We coach CEO and Executives to run their brains better by taking a vertical development approach. Most leaders have had years of horizontal development and capability building, focusing on skill acquisition and deepening capability. What really sets leaders apart is the ability to broaden their perspective, creating the mental complexity to hold competing priorities, thinking systemically, working adaptively, and understanding human behaviour. 


Our Executive Coaching results in deeper self awareness, greater self regulation, access to your authentic presence and the ability to open up choice and respond deliberately and consciously. It is a 1:1 process, conducted virtually or in person, and whilst grounded in theory, is accessible and practical. You will be required to prepare for sessions and engage in experimental learning between sessions. 


For the opportunity to work 1:1 with Janine, book a free Discovery session here.

Executive coaching
Top Team Development


Your Executive Team is a microcosm of your organisation. Any ripple or dysfunction at the top creates waves throughout the system. When the Top Team functions effectively as a collective unit, the impact is greater organisational success.


Our work with Top Teams includes diagnosing team dynamics, building strong relationships and facilitating conversations that get to the heart of the matter.


Often Team members are at different stages of readiness and development so we either work collectively with the Team and extend into individual support, or conversely we provide individual support to team members and then bring individual learning and insights back into the team to work collectively.


To discuss your Team, book a free Discovery session with Janine.

Team Development
Board Effectiveness


We work with Boards to establish optimal boardroom dynamics, clear communication and effective relationships between Members and between the Chair and CEO. This work extends to family owned businesses and the complexities of working with family and non-family members. 


In addition to facilitating healthy boardroom dynamics, we have deep experience in creating organisational culture and can assist the Board to define an ideal organisational culture and cascade that to the CEO & Executive Team.


To discuss your Board with Janine, book a free consultation here

Board Effectiveness
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